Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tortilla Wraps and More!

I love flour tortillas because of their versatility, there are so many things you can do with them. They don't have much flavor of their own, so all they really do is act as a vessel for all kinds of food. Of course there are tacos, burritos, wraps and quesadillas, all made with flour tortillas.

I was in the mood for making a tortilla wrap after a friend gave me a bottle of Boar's Head Fiery Chipotle Gourmaise Yeah, that's a mouthful, I know.  Everyone has a different threshold for heat tolerance in food, but in my opinion this stuff is HOT! Use with caution.

This is what I did (with ingredients I already had in the fridge):

Spread Boar's Head Fiery Chipotle Gourmaise on a flour tortilla. As much as you can handle, a little goes a long way.

Then I put a layer of fresh spinach and red leaf lettuce.

Provolone, Swiss cheese and Kalamata olives

Roll it up and you have a tasty and healthy lunch!

I'm now a big fan of Boar's Head Gourmaise because it comes in different flavors,spicing up what might otherwise be boring and bland. 

If you want to refrigerate your wraps and serve later, be sure to wrap them tightly with plastic wrap just like I did here.  They'll stay fresh and moist.

Cream Cheese and Guacamole Pinwheels

I brought these to a friend's house for Christmas instead of cookies. They're red and green for Christmas and everyone loved snacking on them. Also, a healthy and tasty snack. This is what I did:

Blend together equal amounts of cream cheese and sour cream. (the sour cream makes the cream cheese easier to spread).
Spread the mixture on a flour tortilla
Spread a layer of guacamole on top of that
Cover with a layer of diced red bell pepper
Roll up and you're done! They're a crowd pleaser.  As you can see, I sliced them into bite size pieces (about 1")

If you want to make your own flour tortillas, it's easy.  This short video shows you how.

Salmon Wrap

Here's a salmon wrap with another gourmaise.
Spread tortilla with Deli Style Mustard with White Wine Gourmaise
Iceberg lettuce
Pink salmon
Sun dried tomatoes
Roll it up for a healthy lunch or snack.

All tortillas are not alike, there's something for everyone!

Make bowls for salad, fruit, ice cream, chili...and the list goes on!

Place flour tortillas in a fluted pan and bake at 350 degrees for about 8 or 9 minutes.

While we're talking about tortillas we can't forget the Quesadilla, it's nothing more than a grilled cheese sandwich, but you can put whatever you want in it. Here's one I made in the panini griddle that I got for FREE at a live taping of the Martha Stewart Show in New York City.

I made this one with grilled chicken

  • First I grilled boneless chicken breasts on the griddle. A little sprinkle of chili powder before grilling. When they're done, set them aside for a few minutes to let them rest before slicing into strips.

  • Working with one tortilla, I put a layer of Swiss cheese, then provolone cheese on top of that. Next I covered the cheese with my grilled chicken strips, a few slices of roasted red bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, more cheese, then another tortilla on top.

  • Place it on the griddle until the cheese melts. It only takes a few minutes and you don't have to flip it because the griddle cooks both top and bottom.  You can see the cheese oozing out.

Delicious and Healthy!


  1. Excellent post!! I love making tortillas and making different recipes with them.

    1. Thanks Sandy. It's really easy to make homemade tortillas too!

  2. Oh my! Between your tortillas recipes and soups I'm in foodie heaven! Thanks for sending the link to your page on Facebook. Shared with others.


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