Friday, April 28, 2017

New York Egg Cream

new york chocolate egg cream photo by candy dorsey
If you're visiting New York, you absolutely must have an Egg Cream, it's the beverage that made New York famous. Or maybe it's the other way around. No matter, the beverage is legendary. The history of the Egg Cream is sketchy. Some say in the 1880's a Yiddish theater leading man from the Lower East Side of Manhattan requested one at a soda fountain. Others say it was brought to Brooklyn by candy store owner Louis Auster in the 1900's. I can tell you it does not have any eggs in it, or cream. It's made of milk, seltzer and chocolate syrup. It can also be made without chocolate.

Making an Egg Cream at home is really easy and inexpensive. To give you an idea of cost, I used to go to Lindy's for lunch sometimes when in New York. It's in midtown Manhattan across from Penn Station/Madison Square Garden. An Egg Cream there cost $6.50. Other days I would go downtown to Greenwich Village for a pastrami sandwich at Katz's Deli. An Egg Cream there cost $4.25.

Here it is:

First put milk in a glass.  About 1 ounce.

Add  seltzer,  A head will form. Gently, without disturbing the head, add Fox's u-bet Chocolate Syrup, and stir.  The head will be white but not for long.  An egg cream is meant to be consumed immediately!

new york chocolate egg cream


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